Western Reserve Architectural Historians was founded in 1965 to provide an opportunity for persons from all professions and backgrounds to meet regularly so that they might understand and enjoy the region's architectural heritage.  At least six times a year, through walking tours, on-site visits, lectures, and discussions, WRAH members explore the notable, unusual, and significant in the built environment.




On Saturday, June 11, 2016, WRAH toured the
 Rare Architectural Collections of the Cleveland Public Library

Ann Marie Wieland, archivist for the Cleveland Public Library, discusses the special collection
The rare architectural collection was available for hands on viewing
Members also saw large scale drawings
Ken Goldberg thanked the CPL staff for their informative tour
On Saturday, September 10, 2016, WRAH toured the new
Center for Architecture and Environmental Design, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

The New Center for Architecture and Environmental Design, Kent State University

A light and airy staircase for students and guests
Vistas all around for inspiration
WRAH members enjoyed the tour on a sunny afternoon
On Saturday, November 5, 2016  WRAH toured the Lewis Field Historic District at NASA Glenn Research Center

WRAH visited the NASA Glenn Research Center on a special tour during the 75th Anniversary year.
A beautiful sunny, fall day for a tour.
The registration and introduction were held at the Visitor Center.
A volunteer explained a capsule experiment for the zero gravity research facility.
The Zero-G, the largest drop tower of its kind, is used for testing the effects of microgravity on experiments and hardware.
We concluded with a film on the history of the NASA Glenn Research Center.
On Saturday March 11, 2017 more than 30 WRAH members toured the headquarters of the American Greetings new world headquarters in Westlake's Crocker Park
The new 660,000 square foot five story headquarters was designed by CallisonRTKL from Baltimore.
Elie Weise (L), part of the family that owns American Greetings, and Will Krause (R), Assistant Planning Director for the City of Westlake, introduced us to the project and how Crocker Park has become Westlake's town center.
Individual artworks were created on each stairway landing.
Sarah Klann, WRAH president contemplates a painting in Gallery W, open to the public.
The iconic American Greetings rose was present throughout the building.
Large interior open spaces lead to camaraderie among the employees.