Western Reserve Architectural Historians was founded in 1965 to provide an opportunity for persons from all professions and backgrounds to meet regularly so that they might understand and enjoy the region's architectural heritage.  At least six times a year, through walking tours, on-site visits, lectures, and discussions, WRAH members explore the notable, unusual, and significant in the built environment.



Professor Elwin Robison showed various Mormon Temples and how they related to the Kirtland Temple
Friday, May 25, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.  The Kirtland Temple, Professor Elwin Robison, PhD
The 1836 temple was built with local stone and lumber by the Kirtland Mormon community based on visions described by their leaders.  It was one of the largest edifices in the Western Reserve at the time and a prominent landmark.

A visit to the Kirtland Temple is always an inspirational look into the lives of the early Western Reserve Mormons
Saturday, August 18, 2018 we toured
the Lorain Lighthouse, the "Jewel of the Port", 
Lorain Harbor, Lorain, OH

Two Lorain County Port Authority boats waited to take us to the lighthouse on a beautiful August day
WRAH members enjoyed their ten minute boat trip through the marina to the lighthouse.
The 1917 lighthouse grew more impressive as we drew near
48 members were introduced to the lighthouse, its history, and recent restoration efforts by our hosts, the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation
A catered lunch on the lighthouse platform was enjoyed by all
A view from the lighthouse lantern towards Lake Erie
Saturday, September 22, 2018, we toured
CWRU's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the think[box]

We began our tour by hearing about the history of the Lincoln Storage Building in one of the newly completed spaces.  More than 30 people attended.
Several floors of the building were still under construction and will be completed soon.

Students, teachers, and the general public are all welcome to use the facility and its state  of the art equipment.
A picture from the added stairway highlighted the extensive exterior work done on the building including window openings on all floors.
James Duber (by the post) led the tour.  Duber is the principal at Studio Techne and managed each phase of the project.
Original tilework still decorates the exterior of the building.
Saturday, October 18, 2018, we toured
the Cleveland Athletic Club Building

Tina Vespucci, Vice President of J&S Management Company, reviewed the project at the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative of KSU
Hard hat time for WRAH members
The near-Olympic size swimming pool was a popular feature or the old Cleveland Athletic Club Building

Interior spaces that will soon be downtown housing
Looking out at downtown Cleveland
An artistic view of an interior stairway
Photos courtesy of Paul Meissner